Quarterly Goals: Spring 2017

Update on Last Quarter: Winter was a bit of a toughie, but I did pretty well on my quarterly goals. There were a few slip ups, to be sureโ€”I canned nothing, revised only one short story, and my blogging fell by the wayside when my mood disorder flared upโ€”but I still ticked most of theContinue reading “Quarterly Goals: Spring 2017”

How I Culled My Library with Ruthless Precision (And You Can Too)

Books are among my favourite things and I’m a packrat at heart. This means that my homes have always been overrun with reading material – books piled on side tables, spilling from the shelves, and tucked into corners like Easter eggs. I’ve been more and more interested in experimenting with minimalism lately – or atContinue reading “How I Culled My Library with Ruthless Precision (And You Can Too)”