How to Care for Needle Felts

Wool felt likes to be kept clean and dry, but it’s pretty forgiving, and has straightforward care.

Friction can cause pilling and for the felt to take a fuzzier appearance. The less a sculpture is handled, the more pristine it generally looks. With few exceptions, my felts are intended for use as decoration, and should be kept out of reach of pets and kids.

Ideally, felt should be kept dust free. Moths and other fibre-feasting bugs prefer a little dirt and darkness to do their dirty work, so storing felts on a covered shelf in a well-lit room is optimal. Some dust is sure to happen. For mild cases, a gentle patting will suffice. If stronger action is required, you can place the felt in a pillowcase, or fabric bag, and give it a light vacuum through the case.

If moths do get through the defenses, they can be killed by baking the felt in the oven at a very low temperature or by placing them in the freezer. Because different armature and eye materials react differently, please contact me directly for further advice on any specific requirements of your piece.

With considerate care, Teeny Beasties will make you smile for many, many years to come.


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Writer and cartoonist from Southern Ontario

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