Writer’s Wishlist: Gift Ideas for the Writers in Your Life

Image credit: “A Million Hearts of Love” by JFXie is licensed under CC BY 4.0

With the winter holidays approaching, my mind is fixed on what I want to gift my loved ones this year. If a writer is among your loved ones, here are some ideas you might want to look into:


Even if they don’t do the bulk of their writing by hand, chances are that your writer has a preferred brand or model of pen(cil) that they could use more of. If you’re unsure as to what that is, casually ask if they have any writing tool suggestions based on their own experience. Get ready for heady opinions. If their favourite pen is reusable then refills, or a compatible ink, could make a useful gift.

Their Favourite Beverage

Whether it’s tea, coffee, booze, or soda, most writers have a go-to drink. A canister of their favourite tea is sure to be a hit. A gift card to Starbucks or David’s would probably go over pretty well, too.

A Book-Store Gift Card

Buying books for book-lovers can be a daunting task, and odds are pretty good that your writer has an obscure wishlist you don’t even know about. You can’t go wrong with adding to their coffers so that they can finally buy that hard-to-find hardcover they’ve had their eyes on.

Literary Tees/Totes

There are plenty of vendors online that sell amazing tee shirts, sweaters, tote bags and socks with literary references galore. Get your writer a stylish scarf with their favourite author’s face on it, or a new library bag declaring their love of banned books. Out of Print is one of my personal favourites, and Book Riot has some amazing library themed items.

Museum/Gallery Passes

Writer’s need fuel, and what better to fuel a writer than some culture? A pass to their local museum, art gallery, or science centre will provide them with some exciting new ideas and a fun day of people watching. You could buy two and make it a date!

A Subscription

Be it to a sci-fi/fantasy magazine, a science/travel magazine, a time management site like Freedom, or a grammar checker like Grammarly, a subscription is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Memory Sticks/Data Storage

Writer’s can’t have enough backup. A new memory stick, or a half dozen, will give them an added feeling of security and allow them to transport their files safely if travelling. An external hard drive could also be a hit, or some additional Cloud storage.

A Fireproof Safe

Also in the realm of backup: a small fireproof safe can ensure that your writer’s ideas and stories remain unharmed in the event of a disaster. Those memory sticks? They can go in here, too. Be sure to get one large enough to fit a few reams of copy paper so there’s enough room for a few manuscripts.

A Donation in Their Name

Your writer’s local library is probably close to their heart, or they might have a favourite literacy program that they love to support. Making a donation to a cherished literary cause can be a wonderful way to show how much you care and bring a smile to their face.

So there you have it. Mileage may vary, depending on what type of writer you have in your life, but all of the above suggestions are a pretty good place to start for most writer folk. What’s on your wishlist?

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.






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