Writing Playlists: October Edition

I like to listen to instrumental music while I write – most often something that fits the mood of the story I’m working on and gets me immersed in the scene. This autumn I’m doubly steeped in spooky as I prepare for Halloween and work on revisions for my supernatural murder mystery novel, Steep. Here are some of the 8tracks playlists I’ve got on this month:

scientists library 8tracks.jpg

The Scientist’s Library, a collection by yourfavouritechild. A chill blend of classic jazz that’s good for just about any situation.


What we do is secret, a collection by boldly. Mellow and melancholy, with a touch of adventure.


I: Thou Shalt Hit the Books, a collection by Igniparous. A solid classically-themed instrumental collection.


A Library in the Mist, a collection by hulloemily. A little  mysterious. A little sombre. A little spooky. Good stuff for supernatural magicks.

What are you listening to this October?


Published by sydmore

Writer and cartoonist from Southern Ontario

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